Asus Chromebook C202 C202SA-YS04 Review & Specs

Asus built this 11.6 inch laptop specifically for kids. Its durable and lightweight body is ideal for using it at school. On top of that, it is just as heavy as a book.

Your kid can carry it carelessly in his bag or hand without fear of dropping or scratching. C202’s ruggedized design offers maximum drop protection. As it’s body material pretty easy to grip, so it is hard to slip from your hand. Also, rubber guards protect the laptop from falls for up to 3.9 feet. Moreover, this laptop has a spill-resistant keyboard.

Performance-wise there is no part that shines. Processor, RAM, storage all just meets minimum requirements but Chrome OS  is not your regular operating system either. It is designed to work with an internet connection and provide same stable performance for long years.

Chromebooks are good for kids and education in general. This model is the most suitable computer for kids but if you are looking for a Chromebook with better features, these are the best Chromebooks you can buy.

The last thing worth to mention is battery life. It can last 10 hours and that is more than enough for a school day or a daily trip.