Asus Vivobook L203MA-DS04 Review & Specs

This is not the best laptop out there for sure, but it is the one that offers minimum requirements for the minimum price. 1366×768 HD resolution is kind of low but it does not look bad as display size is also as small as 11.6”.

Do not underestimate this little guy’s capabilities. It has adequate CPU&RAM, 64 GB eMMC SSD, HD WebCam and strong 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection. If you are only planning to do your daily work on it, it offers enough features. But remember, this one underperforms at games and programs.

This laptop is smaller than a A4 paper and as light as a book. Despite of its small size, it offers lots of ports including USB-C. As it is pretty easy to carry around, it can be a good choice for people working mobile and Elementary/Highschool students.

If you want to go for a budget laptop take a glance at Chromebooks under $300. Chromebooks might be what you need.