MacBook Pro 13″ MV962LL/A Review & Specs

Apple is known for its high material quality and you’ll feel it in every touch. MacBook comes with a spacious keyboard and an elegant aluminum frame.
13″ screen, a lightweight design and 3 lbs. weight makes it a perfect travel companion. A graphics card or a beast CPU might be lacking but in exchange your back or neck won’t hurt to carry your laptop around.

Do not underestimate its performance though. This laptop isn’t just about mobility and fancy look. Although if it does not have a high-end CPU, RTX graphics card or a huge cooling system; most heavy programs will work without problem. But If you want to play games or run graphics-based programs, that’s another story.

Outstanding 13.3-inch retina display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels provides high quality visuals. IPS panel also has many benefits, such as wider angles and precise colours.

8th Gen Intel i5 CPU and 8GB RAM will let you multitask even with programs that require lots of computing power. MacBook Pro 13″ has 256GB to 512GB SSD options. 

One of the best features of MacBooks 13 is battery life. 10 hours of battery has almost no match for such a small laptop.