How to show FPS Counter in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Mount and Blade in game FPS counter can not be enabled from “Settings”. So lots of people either use Steam overlay FPS counter or other 3rd party programs like Nvidia Shadowplay or Windows game center.

How to show FPS Counter in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Actually, all you need to do is heading to this location and editing “engine_config” :

This PC > Documents > Mount and Blade II Bannerlord > Configs > engine_config

Here you should get inside“engine_config” by double click or right click+edit. Look for show_framerate = 0″ and change it to “show_framerate = 1”. Now you can enter the game and see yellow FPS counter on top right of the screen.

How do I enable cheats in Bannerlord?

While you are here in “engine_config” you can enable cheats and enjoy your new godly powers. Find “cheat_mode = 0” and change it to “cheat_mode = 1”. 

Enabling this mode also upgrades your inventory screen. You will see all items on left coulumn and you can buy them at average price anywhere! There are other little bonuses like entering castles without fee and such.

You can use various cheat commands after enabling this feature.

  • Ctrl + left click: Hold Ctrl and left click to teleport anywhere on the map

  • Ctrl + F4: In combat, knock out an enemy

  • Ctrl + Alt + F4: Knock out all enemy army

  • Ctrl + H: Heal yourself to full health

  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Heal your horse to full health

  • Ctrl + F2: Knock out a member of your army

  • Ctrl + F3: Knock out the player

  • Ctrl + Shift + F3: Knock out your horse while you are riding

You cannot use all cheats before starting a New Campaign

If you start a New Campaign you can use all the cheats. Otherwise, some cheats will be disabled for your existing saved game.

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