Msi GF65 Thin Laptop GS63VR Review & Specs

GF65 is not the best gaming laptop, it is more like a “I got all features you need at a decent level” laptop. It can run latest games at medium-high settings. But more importantly, it offers something valuable for the older games and games with average system requirements. You can Enjoy 120 Hz gaming as good as a desktop gaming setup. 

It is has a compact and thin body. Its weight might seem a bit heavy but it is very light for a gaming laptop. 

Other than gaming, this laptop is capable of running heaviest programs thanks to powerful i7-9750H CPU. Photoshop? Easy. Video editing? No problem. Business software? just haha.

Up to 32 GB RAM and six-core processor makes sure you can run lots of programs, web -pages and other tasks at the same time with ease. So if you are one of thoose people who never close other programs while doing something else, GF65 got your back.

1TB NVMe SSD is fast and provides LOTS of space. Since a video game can take up to 150 GB space, regular laptop storage would not be enough for you. But this 1 TB SSD can store lots of games and all sorts of documents at the same time.